Defeat Cllr Christian Holliday

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The Conservative councillor for Burpham ward, Christian Holliday, has started a petition calling for it to be made an act of treason to support EU membership.

As Liberal Democrats we believe this kind of extreme intolerance is an outright attack on the fundamental British values of democracy and freedom of speech - as well as an insult to the 56% of Guildford voters who voted Remain in the EU referendum.

This kind of intolerance has no place coming from an elected politician. That's why we want your help to defeat Christian Holliday at the next election.

It's very unlikely that the majority of his residents who voted to Remain in the EU will be happy once they know what he thinks about them - so we're going to make sure they know.

We need to raise £1,000 to run a complete campaign in Burpham ward - that's what we'll need to cover the cost of putting up posters and printing leaflets and letters to make sure every voter knows why he doesn't deserve to be their councillor.

With luck, this should put enough pressure on him to force him to do the honourable thing and resign. If he doesn't resign we'll keep campaigning until he's next up for election to make sure he loses. And if he does resign then we'll make sure that any money that's left over is used to make sure a pro-EU Liberal Democrat candidate is elected to replace him.

Let's all pull together and make it clear to Cllr Christian Holliday that his anti-democratic and intolerant brand of politics has no place in Guildford by defeating him at the ballot box!

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