Volunteer Roles

There are lots of ways you can be a volunteer who helps campaign to make Guildford a fairer, greener and better place to live. Here's some of the ways you could help:

Deliver leaflets

One of the simplest ways to get our message out to people is to stick a leaflet through their letterbox telling them about what's going on and what we stand for. Our regular leaflets make sure people are informed about the key issues and know how to get in contact with their local Lib Dem team if they need our help.

If you have just an hour a month spare to deliver leaflets along a street or two near your home then it would be a massive help and make a real difference to our campaign. Please let us know if this is something you think you could help with.

Host an event

Whether it's a house party, a fundraiser, a trip to a pub quiz or a political discussion with pizza, there's loads of events you can organise to bring supporters and friends of the Liberal Democrats together to socialise and talk.

Will you be a host for an event for us? It's fun and doesn't have to cost you anything other than a bit of time. Get in touch if you might be interested in this.

Write for the website

Nobody's impressed by a website where the last update was posted months ago. Keeping it up to date is very important and very easy if you have a little free time each week.

There are lots of places where we can find good stories for the website (such as the national Lib Dem website) but what we need are people with the time to sit down and post them on the website for us or, better yet, to write their own stories for us.

If you did this you wouldn't just be helping our website look good - you'd also be keeping local people informed about what's going on and some of what you write will probably end up in leaflets being delivered direct to people's doors! Get in touch if you might be interested in helping with this.

Talk to voters

One of the best ways to persuade people to support us is by talking to them. Either over the phone or in person, there's no substitute for a five minute conversation explaining what we stand for and why or asking people about what issues matter to them personally.

If you think this might be something you'd be interested in doing with a team of others then please let us know.

Be a social media ambassador

Being active and accessible on social media is incredibly important to make sure that our messages get out to local people. Helping us by updating our facebook page and twitter account or sharing our posts with others can make a real difference and doesn't have to take up too much time.

Get in touch if you might be interested in helping with this and we can talk more about what it involves.

Help with video/graphic design

If a picture says a thousand words then a video or an informative graphic can have even more impact. They're great ways of spreading our message in ways people will pay attention to.

If you have experience with, or even just enthusiasm for, helping us create videos or graphics then please get in touch.

Help in the office

You can't run a good campaign without good organisation behind it. Whether that be making sure information from talking to voters is recorded properly, putting letters in envelopes or just taking the time to write thank you cards to our supporters, it's all vital work.

The best part is it's very fun to do in a group where you can chat and drink tea while you work. So if you think you might be up to popping into the office occasionally to help us out then please get in touch.

Show your support

Even if you can't do anything else, one of the simplest and easiest ways to help us is to show your support at election time by letting us display a poster in your window or in your garden.

We know that if other people see that their neighbours are supporting us then they're more likely to support us themselves. So showing a poster doesn't cost you anything, is very simple but can make a real difference.

If you'd be willing to display a poster at election time then please let us know.