Victory over Stoughton Road re-surfacing

Following a two-year campaign by residents and Liberal Democrat Councillors, Surrey County Council has finally announced that it will be resurfacing parts of Stoughton Road between 7th and 27th April 2015.


Due to the failure of the road’s structure and the concrete surface immediately beneath it, the task will be more difficult than originally envisaged and it will, unfortunately, therefore be more disruptive. 


Signs advertising the works will be going up on 23rd March and work will be carried out between 9am and 4:30pm, when the road will be closed.  To minimise the disruption to local residents, schools, buses and the Jarvis Centre, the work will be conducted in two phases.  The first phase will resurface the road between Stoke Cemetery and Cypress Road, and the second will extend the resurfacing from Cypress Road to Woking Road. 


Unfortunately the section of Stoughton Road between the railway bridge and the Manor Road/ Grange Road junction will not be resurfaced at this time.  This is because its surface composition differs from that of the other sections and it will therefore require different treatment at a later date that is yet to be agreed. 


Commenting on the news, Liberal Democrat County Councillor Pauline Searle said: "I have been assured by Surrey County Council that the rest of the road will be resurfaced once they have established how best to proceed with its treatment.   We are continuing with the campaign and will keep pushing the council for a scheduled start date for this last phase of the works and will keep all residents informed of any developments."