Candidate Hannah Thompson

Hannah_(2).jpgHannah Thompson is campaigning to be your next Councillor.

Hannah lives locally in Guildford, and narrowly missed out on being elected as Stoke’s Councillor in a by-election in May 2016 by just 36 votes.

An energetic and passionate local campaigner, Hannah has previously led a successful campaign to ensure people legal protection from abusive ex-partners. Following this campaign - the law in the UK has been changed & a helpline means victims can receive free legal advice.

“Stoke deserves better.”

Hannah says, “Stoke deserves better. If you trust me with your vote, and I am elected - I promise I won’t be an invisible Councillor. I will work hard to make sure our area’s views are heard in the Council, and to make sure that residents are getting the services & recognition they deserve from the Council.”

Recently, Hannah Thompson met with Thames Water to discuss the bad odour and fly issues that come from their Sewage Treatment Plant on Slyfield Industrial Estate. Hannah commented, "I was very encouraged to hear that Thames Water will be investing in new methods to prevent the issues in future. Hopefully residents won't have to put up with it for much longer."

If elected as a councillor, Hannah Thompson will seek a place on the Guildford Local Committee so she can hold Surrey County Council to account on issues like poor road repairs and late bus services. She's also committed to supporting the Slyfield Area regeneration and fighting to get more affordable homes built locally.

Three good reasons to vote for Hannah and the Stoke Lib Dem team

1. They've backed the Slyfield regeneration project and the Clay Lane link road project for years - now they're pushing to get them finished as soon as possible.

2. They want more affordable homes for local people - they're fighting to get the Council to provide more social housing and to do more to help those renting privately.

3. They're standing up for Stoke by supporting local residents with issues such as planning applications and housing repairs. And they're fighting to make sure residents' views are listened to by the Council.