Kelly-Marie Blundell - Supporting those with disabilities

Kelly-Marie Blundell has a long history of fighting for people with disabilities - to have the same opportunities others have and to have a voice. Today she attended a hustings event at Surrey Choices - providing help and support for people with learning and physical disabilities across the County and answered key questions. 


Speaking to service users, families, carers and staff, Kelly-Marie outlined the Liberal Democrat policies on disability, including protecting disability benefits from cuts, improving access to learning and work support and make British Sign Language a official language. 

For those with disabilities, accessing the polling station can be daunting. People with disabilities can take a carer with them into the polling booth, and all polling stations should have tactile and large print versions of the ballot paper to help everyone vote. 

Kelly-Marie Blundell sits on the Executive of the Lib Dem Disability Association, and has championed equality for disabled citizens at every opportunity.