Prospective Liberal Democrat MP Kelly-Marie Blundell calls for end to "Plague" of Roadworks

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell, has revealed a "plague" of roadworks on a stretch of road between Bramley and Guildford since 2012 - more than 860 individual projects have been carried out on the A281 (a shocking average of 1.3 a day) - bringing misery for local motorists. 

The majority of the work carried out was in Bramley, where 477 of the roadworks projects took place in the village, with the remaining 388 being carried out on the road through Shalford. 

Along the Bramley section, motorists endured 73 days of roadworks in 2012, 206 in 2013 and 198 last year, which caused traffic jams and lengthy delays at peak times.  The work necessitated three separate road closures and the deployment of traffic light or carriageway controls in 83 instances.

Kelly-Marie Blundell said, "Residents in Shalford queried the reason for the repeated digging-up of their roads and my FOI Request has highlighted a failure to co-ordinate the timing of roadworks projects in recent years. Residents might be sympathetic if these were road repairs but only six of these instances were for pothole repairs - the remainder were triggered by utility companies' projects.  

"This disruption only adds to the congestion and traffic woes that plague Guildford.  It is well-known that the A281 is frequently in gridlock in rush hour periods, triggering traffic jams across the wider area.  The roadworks compound the problem and swift steps should be taken to minimise the disruption for local motorists."