Liberal Democrats driving Tax Avoidance Clampdown

Over £9 billion has been clawed back from tax dodgers thanks to the efforts of the Liberal Democrats in Government.  Since 2010, 33 tax loopholes have been closed and 1,000 new tax investigators have been  hired to investigate the tax arrangements of both individuals and companies.

Prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell, said: "This is fantastic news and it has only been possible through concerted, targeted efforts.  We have worked with tax havens to make it harder for millionaires to hide their money offshore and also with other countries to update international tax law so that big companies can no longer abuse the system."  

She has also called for a further step to be taken - for it to be made a criminal offence for accountants, lawyers and companies to facilitate their clients' tax evasion.

Kelly-Marie added: "I think that it's despicable that there are companies and individuals profiting from helping millionaires avoid paying their fair share of tax.  The only way to halt their activities is provide  sufficient punishment to act as a deterrent - we need to demonstrate that we will not tolerate tax dodging."