Lib Dems launch Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats have launched the manifesto for 2015, which sets out how we will work towards a stronger economy and fairer society, with opportunity for everyone.

Read the Lib Dem Manifesto

Opportunity for children: with investment in education from nursery to 19 and qualified teachers in every classroom

Opportunity for young people: with more apprenticeships, discounted bus travel, a massive increase in housebuilding and support to rent or own their own home through the innovative Help to Rent and Rent to Own schemes

Opportunity for parents: with more free childcare and more paternity leave for fathers

Opportunity for workers: with a further £400 tax cut for millions of working people

Opportunity for older people: with the pensions triple lock written into law and the extra £8bn a year the NHS needs by 2020 to cope with the pressures of an ageing population

Opportunity for the next generation: with the budget balanced and our environment protected so that our children and grandchildren are not left to pay for the mistakes of this one

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford and also a member of the Lib Dem Policy committee, commented; “The Lib Dems will cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than Labour, but still keep Britain on the road to financial recovery.

Read the Lib Dem Manifesto