Kelly-Marie Blundell debates at Royal Institute

Kelly-Marie Blundell joined the University of Sussex and candidates from Conservatives, Labour, Green and UKIP to discuss the policies facing the nation in a Hustings event at the Royal Institute on Tuesday 14th April 2015

The 250-strong audience of alumni, students, staff and visitors asked a range of questions, handled by the chair and BBC Radio 4 Presenter Sarah Montague during the evening, including housing, UK defence policy, welfare and health. 

You can watch the full event, which was streamed live, here. 

Kelly-Marie Blundell commented; 

"It was a pleasure to take part with candidates from around the country, and discuss some of the key issues facing voters today. 

What is clear is that neither Labour nor the Conservatives can be trusted with the economy in their hands alone. The country is facing the choice of majority governments which will either borrow to excess or cut to excess. Only the Liberal Democrats will keep the country on course to financial recovery and make sure that the most vulnerable are not disadvantaged."