Holy Trinity

Jillian Doran

Jillian Doran has lived in Holy Trinity, Guildford for nearly 25 years. Jillian has worked in NHS Healthcare throughout her career and believes in a caring society that shares resources and wealth.

As an active member of the community Jillian was instrumental within the Fair Trade movement in Guildford Borough and over the years has been deeply involved with many school, church and community projects. Through her love of walking and cycling Jillian is keen to work for safer transport infrastructure for everyone throughout Guildford.

Marike Denyer

Marike Denyer has lived in Guildford all her life. She attended Sandfield Primary and George Abbott School. Marike then went on to study politics and philosophy at Greenwich university.

She graduated last year and is currently working in retail management.  She is anxious to see more attention paid to the needs of the pedestrians in the town centre – better pavements, less traffic and more seats is what she would like to see. She is inspired by her grandmother, Tieleke Williams, who is well known for her work in Holy Trinity.

Sheena Chawatama

Sheena has lived in Guildford for 16 years and works as a Project Coordinator for a commodities company.
In her spare time, Sheena is studying part time for a legal masters course and it is this which has led to her interest in local government.

Sheena values Guildford’s historic town centre and believes that any development should preserve Guildford’s beauty and be appropriate for the town and its residents.