Kelly-Marie Blundell welcomes commitment to a greener Britain with the Liberal Democrats in Government

Business leaders, investors and philanthropists have this week backed the Liberal Democrat vision for the green economy in a letter that praises the Liberal Democrat record in Government and emphasises the need for them to be part of the next Government.

The letter highlights how the Lib Dems have delivered on the green agenda since 2010, including:
• Securing £37 billion investment in renewable electricity;
• Establishing the world's first Green Investment Bank;
• Leading Europe to agree to a new, more ambitious EU-wide climate change target; and
• Planting more than one million trees.

The Lib Dem Environment Manifesto - also published this week - sets out a Liberal Democrat programme of delivery for the next five years and beyond, building on the Five Green Laws highlighted on the front page of the Party's General Election Manifesto.

These are:
• introducing a Zero Carbon Britain Bill to create a zero-carbon Britain by 2050.
• trebling fines and clawing back £500 million of taxpayers’ money by clamping down on organisations that deliberately fly-tip to evade tax and reviewing the tax structure across landfill, incineration and collection.
• introducing a Green Homes Bill to create more energy efficient homes by insulating up to 10 million homes by 2025 and offering a discount of at least £100 a year from Council Tax for ten years when energy improvements are carried out.
• introducing a Nature Bill to establish an advisory committee to advise Government to ensure that nature is at the heart of government decision-making and that Government departments meet commitments to improve the environment.
• introducing a Green Transport Bill to reduce the 25% (and growing) of the UK’s carbon emissions arising from transport. We will continue to build a people-centred, sustainable, safe travel system that helps the economy to grow whilst also improving air quality.

Liberal Democrat Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey said: "In Government we have a proud record of delivery - nearly tripling electricity from renewables; making more than one million homes warmer and cheaper to heat; and securing an ambitious EU-wide agreement on tackling climate change.

"We've delivered in the face of almost daily battles with the Tories on everything from onshore wind power generation to keeping climate change in the geography curriculum. By putting our plan for five new Green Laws on the front of our manifesto we've shown our intent to go greener further and faster if we're in the next Government.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell, added: “Protecting the environment, tackling climate change and delivering on the green agenda is not a “nice to have” policy commitment, it is essential.  Having the Liberal Democrats in Government will guard our environment against the risk of sharp lurches to the left or right that would result in our green delivery coming to a grinding halt."