Kelly-Marie Blundell, "Guildford needs infrastructure"

Speaking to over 100 people at a Hustings event organised by the Insitute of Civil Engineers, Kelly-Marie Blundell spoke passionately about the need for better infrastructure in Guildford and a joined up approach to planning.

B_vqALsWEAATLTt.jpg_large.jpgKelly-Marie Blundell triumphed at the Hustings event last night held at GLive by the Institute of Civil Engineers.

The Hustings was attended by all of Guildford's Parliamentary candidates except Anne Milton MP, who was replaced by Conservative Council Leader Stephen Mansbridge.

Kelly-Marie Blundell, who has worked with local Councillors to consult the residents of Guildford on the proposed Local Plan, said;

“I am not a BANANA (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody) but this small minded, small c-Conservatism is preventing families from having homes and keeping people in traffic jams for hours on end. Britain’s economic recovery rests on solid long term investment in our economy. And infrastructure investment is core to repairing our economy, providing jobs and supporting growth.”

Backing the Institute of Civil Engineers Manifesto, Kelly-Marie rejected calls for expansion of Gatwick and Heathrow, explaining the impact on local infrastructure would be immense without additional noise, air and environmental pollution.

Discussions about getting women into engineering lead Kelly-Marie to cite a story of herself as a child being told off for playing with a toy crane, on the basis girls don’t play with boys toys. 

Kelly-Marie said, "The Liberal Democrats are committed to investing in STEM subjects, and in particular with encouraging women in to these areas. The University of Surrey has a fantastic engineering department, where one graduate was awarded Young Woman Engineer of the Year from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) in 2013."

The questions centred around development in Guildford, where Kelly-Marie spoke about the delayed and flawed local plan, for which she said “The blame lay squarely at the door of the Conservatives, who favour quick development over joined up thinking.”

The panel was chaired by Institute of Civil Engineers past President Geoff French and candidates from UKIP, Labour, Green and Peace Party were also present.