Guildford Liberal Democrats membership surges by over 20%

In the wake of the recent general election result, the local membership of Guildford Liberal Democrats has swelled by over 20%, whilst nearly 13,500 new members have joined the party nationally.  The Liberal Democrats membership now stands at more than 58,000. 

Commenting on the groundswell of support for the party since the election, Liberal Democrat local party chairperson, Sue Doughty, said:  "Whilst the Liberal Democrats' membership of the House of Commons is down, we are certainly not out.  We are busy assembling a new generation of  grass roots supporters.  We're recruiting people who have never joined a political party before but who want to stand together against the policies that the Conservative government is already threatening to implement.  If you support a fairer society, no matter what the circumstances of your birth, where those with the broadest shoulders bear the greatest burden to keep our economic recovery on track, then we want to hear from you."

Stoughton resident, Lloyd Porter, 24, is typical of new Liberal Democrat members.  Commenting on the increase in local party membership since the election, he said:  

"What the Liberal Democrats stand for has been completely misrepresented.  A vote for the Liberal Democrats isn't simply a protest vote.  Nearly a third of the new members who've joined the local party since the election are under the age of 26.  I'm really excited to be joining a re-invigorated team that is eager to engage with the 30% of the local electorate who didn't vote and spread the Liberal Democrat message to new voters."

All those wishing to join the Liberal Democrat party can do so at