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Kelly-Marie, Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford says: “Since 2010 Guildford school children have benefited from £5.73 million in Pupil Premium funding and free school meals.  Research shows that the Pupil Premium is helping to close the attainment gap between rich and poor children in schools.  The Liberal Democrats are the only party to guarantee the protection of per pupil funding in real terms over the next five years.”

Our Manifesto puts great emphasis on Education with a plan for all children to have the best education possible to ensure that all students, regardless of background, reach their full potential.

  • There is a new commitment to Protect Education spending per pupil in real terms, increasing the education budget as a whole to take account of the increasing number of children.

  • This commitment provides an extra £2.5 billion of funding for 2-19yr olds by 2020.

  • We will not allow unqualified teachers to be employed.

  • The increased funding will help schools to offer more one-to-one and small group tuition.

  • We will expand early years education as pupil numbers grow.

  • The funding will also help ensure we meet our commitment that every child is able to read well by the age of 11.

  • The £2.5 billion funding commitment is the equivalent of employing 70,000 more teachers and 10,000 more learning support assistants and guarantees funding for the additional 460,000 children starting school through the Parliament. 

These funding commitments are in sharp contrast with Conservative majority government policy which would slash funding from the education budget by more than £5.2 billion. If governing alone, the Conservatives would not maintain the early years’ education budget or the Department for Education's 16-19 education budget.  Their policy also raises questions over the future of the £2.5 billion Pupil Premium, which has done so much to help disadvantaged students catch up with their peers.

Will you sign?

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