The brutal reality of Osborne's budget

This week George Osborne announced his budget. It was so awful that even a senior Conservative minister couldn't stand and resigned, saying that it was clear we weren't "all in this together".

But in all the chaos a lot of the destructive items in the budget haven't been noticed. Which is concerning given how damaging and divisive how many of them are.

This is the grim reality of George Osborne's budget. Here are the budget announcements the Conservatives would rather you didn't know about:

  • All state schools to be effectively privatised by being transferred to profit making academy chains outside of local government control
  • Parent school governors to be scrapped
  • Economic growth forecast down
  • Delaying meeting the target of ending the government spending more than it takes in
  • People too sick and disabled to work to have their benefits cut by £30 a week
  • 370,000 disabled people will lose £3,500 each of benefits which help them cope with the difficulties their disabilities cause with daily tasks such as washing, dressing and taking medicine
  • Local services and social care to face further cuts thanks to the amount of money from business rates to pay for them being reduced

On the other hand, there were some winners in the budget. Here's some of those who are being given more money in Osborne's budget.

  • Wealthiest 10% of the population who will be over £250 a week better off 
  • Big business who'll benefit from corporation tax being cut
  • People earning over £42,000 a year who'll benefit from a tax cut

This is wrong.

Liberal Democrats believe in fairness and justice. But there is nothing fair or just in this Conservative budget which admits the fragile state of the economy while taking money away from disabled people to pay for tax cuts for millionaires. This budget is indefensible and we oppose it.

Britain deserves better.