48% rise in violent crime in Surrey in 2015

Violent crimes recorded in Surrey 2013 to 2015

As George Osborne cuts police budgets in England and Wales by up to £200 million, new figures reveal violent crime in Surrey rose by 48% in 2015.

Official figures show that in 2015 (the most recent year for which figures are available) there had been 17,143 violent crimes recorded in Surrey compared to 11,539 violent crimes in 2014 and just 9,480 in 2013 - this is an 80% increase in the past two years and a 48% increase in 2015 alone. Overall crime rates also rose from 85,523 cases in 2014 to 91,457 in 2015.

Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Paul Kennedy said "People will be incredibly concern to learn of this massive rise in violent crime. In just two years recorded violent crimes have risen by 80% in Surrey."

"What's absolutely disgraceful about this is that our current Police and Crime Commissioner only recently publicly celebrated what he called 'another really good year' - he must be on another planet. And this is on top of a series of critical reports recently that have slammed Surrey police and Surrey county council for their failure to properly safeguard vulnerable people, including children and victims of rape.

"But too make matters worse, thanks to George Osborne's budget cuts, Surrey police are having to cut over 250 jobs at the same time crime rates are rising. It's appalling that instead of being able to focus on keeping residents safe and tackling violent crime, Surrey police are having to worry about £25 million worth of budget cuts over the next four years.

"We urgently need better funding and support for our police officers so they're able to keep us safe and above all we need a new approach to policing in Surrey which scraps tough sounding rhetoric and just does what actually works to cut crime."

You can view the crime rates in your local area online at www.police.uk/surrey/

You can read Paul Kennedy's alternative plan for Surrey Police at paulkennedy.org.uk/plan